Clinzo Isotonic

100% Natural Sterilized Seawater
Preservative free.
Rich in minerals and trace elements from the sea.
Environmental friendly.

How Does Pureen Clinzo Work?

Gently cleans & clears nasal passageways.
Effectively washes away bacteria that cause infections and simulates nose blowing.
Hydrates the nasal mucosa.
Its spray nozzle provides even distribution of Pureen Clinzo to the ensembles of the nose, thus maintain the nose’s natural moisture condition.

Special Features:


Safety nozzle developed for use in infants, children and adults.
Anti reflux valve: preventing the bacterial contamination of the solution.


Safety ergonomic dispensing system for easy administration.
Suitable for all age groups.
Gentle spray pressure
Washable nozzle

When To Use Pureen Clinzo?

Allergies And Rhinitis
Weather Changes
In Combination With Other Nasal Preparations
In Air Conditioning Area
In The Airplane
During Sports
Before Bed

Usage Instructions:

Tilt the head to one side;
Gently insert the end of the nasal tip into the upper nostril;
Exert a short, sharp pressure;
Tilt the head to the other side and repeat the procedure in the other nostril;
Straighten the head again to allow any mucous to drain out;
Wipe away any excess with a tissue or blow the nose;
Repeat the procedure several times a day if necessary.